Curators of Extraordinary Vacations...

our-story-group.jpgSo, she met a guy. Isn’t that how so many stories start? As a single mom, Annette was also going to college for computer science and working outside the home when Rick became her boss. A passion for travel was just one of the things they had in common and they fell in love and into the travel industry in 1989 with the purchase of a small struggling travel agency in Towson, MD. Together, and in the same year they married, they set a goal to work together enriching lives through travel. To this day, they enjoy working side by side running the company from the Rehoboth Beach, DE headquarters and traveling the world as Travel Hosts on some of the Accent on Travel Hosted Groups. Over the years, Accent on Travel has been and will continue to befriend exceptionally talented travel advisors, reputable travel suppliers, new and well-traveled clients who understand the value of using professionals to service their preferences.

Philanthropy Efforts

Your decision to use a local travel agency to design and manage your travel versus using a large international organization to book your travel plans keeps those jobs and the spending from those jobs in your local community. Annette & Rick Stellhorn, owners of Accent on Travel have taken that a step further and have, through their connections in the travel industry, infused local nonprofits with over $300,000 in travel and financial donations over the past ten years. On a personal level, Annette & Rick also foster a child in Kenya through boarding school. Through the donations of Accent on Travel and clients who have chosen to contribute while on tour, we have new water wells in villages and school suppliers / clothes to those without in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Peru and other locations.