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The Best Beaches in Bermuda

The Best Beaches in Bermuda

Among the swaying palm trees on the tropical island of Bermuda are a seemingly endless string of sun-drenched beaches. With Celebrity Cruises, you can indulge in everything that this popular honeymoon destination has to offer, making the most of luxurious cruising in their enhanced Retreat suites.

At Accent on Travel, we partner with Celebrity Cruises, allowing our team of expert travel advisors to design and customize your ideal Bermuda vacation. We curate voyages centered around you and your dream activities, whether that’s snorkeling alongside the colorful reefs or soaking up the sun on pristine, sandy beaches. Let us turn your dreams into reality with a beautiful island getaway.

To help inspire you, here is a selection of the best beaches in Bermuda:


Clearwater Beach

Beautiful pristine Clearwater Beach on south-eastern end of Bermuda. - Accent On Travel

Stretch your legs with a gentle stroll and sink your toes into the soft, sandy white Clearwater Beach, a 36-acre public park on St. David Island. After exploring the nature trails, you can recline in your chosen spot along this beautiful stretch of Bermuda’s north-western coastline. 

Choose to paddle in the crystal shallow water or venture a little further out to snorkel in the seagrass, where you might chance upon crustaceans or even a sea turtle. For guaranteed sightings of turtles, Turtle Bay is just over the ridge at the side of Clearwater’s man-made beach.


Horseshoe Bay

Bermuda Beach, Caribbean cruise - Accent On Travel

Picture yourself reclining on the famous pink-sand beach of Horseshoe Bay at the southern end of the island. A sweeping vista from either end will present an idyllic sunrise before you spend a day watching the world go by from your sun lounger. Take to the calm waters and explore Horseshoe Bay Cove nearby, where you can drink in the blue skies from within the caves and rock formations.

Any time you feel the need for refreshments, the bar above the beach is at your disposal for drinks and snacks, ideal for couples who want to spend the whole day relaxing by the water.


Warwick Long Bay Beach

Beautiful beach with waves in Warwick Long Bay in Bermuda - Accent On Travel

Wind your way through the cedar trees and down the dune banks to discover the pink sands of Warwick Long Bay Beach in the south. An unspoiled oasis, you won’t believe just how pure the turquoise waters are as you wade into the ocean or walk barefoot in the surf.

Bring your snorkeling equipment if you want to swim among the tropical reef fish – including parrotfish and blue angelfish. The waters here are protected by the reef, making them popular with snorkelers — you might even spot the reef itself from the shore on a clear day.


Jobson’s Cove Beach

Couple standing in the water Jobson's cove Beach, Bermuda bay, Caribbean - Accent On Travel

Take a short walk through South Shore Park to find one of the island’s most beautiful cove beaches. Jobson’s Cove is surrounded by dramatic limestone and volcanic rock formations, helping to keep its clear, deep waters calm while still presenting an opening out into the ocean.

Spend the day soaking in the lagoon, snorkel for a glimpse of tropical fish, or climb the rocks and gaze out at the serene waters of the Atlantic as they stretch out to the horizon. This is the perfect place for a photo opportunity – or even a romantic proposal – as the sun goes down.


Elbow Beach

The famous pink sands at Elbow Beach, Bermuda - Accent On Travel

Indulge yourself with a cocktail from one of the many bars close by to this star of the island’s beaches. Backed by palm trees and granting stunning views out into the ocean from all angles along its gentle curve, why not try your hand at a few water sports activities while here? Go kayaking or paddle boarding and look back at the panoramic paradise of sandy white beach before returning for a spot of sunbathing.


Whether you want to bask in the sun, take a walk barefoot in the beautiful surf, or go in search of tropical sea life, it’s all within reach via Celebrity Cruises. Enhance your visit to this most tranquil haven for beaches with a luxury Retreat suite, where you can access upgraded service, a private restaurant, and an exclusive sundeck. At the end of your day exploring beaches, sink into the comfort of your 100% cotton Frette robe or sip your drink of choice by the pool. 

Call our expert travel advisors at Accent on Travel today at 888-806-2337 and reserve your Retreat suite for a luxury Bermuda cruise with Celebrity Cruises. Through our partnership with Celebrity Cruises, we can arrange exclusive experiences and special rates to make your vacation unforgettable.

Wake up somewhere wonderful in Bermuda with Accent on Travel, in partnership with Celebrity Cruises.




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