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Iconic Things To See & Do in Ireland & Scotland

Iconic Things To See & Do in Ireland & Scotland

Transport yourself to another world, visiting the magical and scenic destinations of Ireland and Scotland thanks to an unmissable CIE Tours curated itinerary. With rolling green hills, beautiful castles, and friendly locals, they’re fairytale-like lands filled with wonder that has to be experienced in person. CIE Tours has 90 years of experience in creating authentic itineraries to help take you closer to the heart of what makes these countries truly special.

At Accent on Travel, we customize your 10-night vacation in Scotland and Ireland to create your dream journey. Thanks to our partnership with CIE Tours, our expert travel advisors can take care of all the details for a luxury tour of these truly iconic destinations.


Walk the Giant’s Causeway in Bushmills, Northern Ireland

Sunset at the Giants Causeway, North Antrim, Northern Ireland - Accent On Travel

Wind your way down to the coast and hop between the huge hexagonal volcanic columns that formed millions of years ago to create this stunning scenery. Imagine yourself in the place of the legendary giant Finn McCool, who would use the steps to shout across the sea at his enemy. 


See the Irish sheepdogs hard at work in a herding demonstration

Sheepdogs hearing sheep - Accent On Travel

Get closer to the traditional farming lifestyle of Ireland by watching a real working sheepdog herd its flock in a thrilling demonstration. Then, enjoy a hike along the mountainous landscape that makes Ireland so famous, with picturesque views of ancient towns and cities.


Kiss the famous Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in County Cork

Blarney Castle, Ireland - Accent On Travel

Wander through the peaceful gardens, explore the ancient Blarney Castle, and work your way to the top where you’ll find the famous Blarney Stone. Set into the wall over a hole in the floor, the tradition is to kiss the Blarney Stone to be endowed with the gift of persuasiveness.


Can you spot Nessie in the waters of Loch Ness?

The famous Loch Ness, viewed from the village of Fort Augustus in the Highlands of Scotland, UK. - Accent On Travel

Join a short cruise on the mysterious Loch Ness, thought to be home to the iconic Loch Ness Monster. Enjoy the dramatic scenery that surrounds the freshwater loch and stay alert to see if you can glimpse a rare sighting of the creature from local folklore.


Learn about the Titanic at the impressive visitor center in Belfast

The Titanic Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland - Accent On Travel

Travel to the mouth of the River Lagan and visit the world-renowned Titanic Belfast. Learn about how the vessel was built, life for shipbuilders in the early 1900s, and the eventual disaster, all through emotive and interactive features set across eight floors.


Watch the Military Tattoo at the skyline-dominating Edinburgh Castle

Military Tattoo, Edinburgh, Scotland - Accent On Travel

After exploring the charming and moody streets of Edinburgh, make your way past the gothic St Giles’ Cathedral towards Edinburgh Castle, perched on volcanic rock. Catch the Military Tattoo in August, where the British Armed Forces and military bands put on an incredible theatrical display under the darkening Scottish skies on the castle esplanade.


Sample traditional whisky at the Blair Athol Distillery in Perthshire

Scottish whiskey with ice in a glass on old wooden table - Accent On Travel

Famous for single-malt whiskies, get a true taste of Scotland with a full tour of the Blair Athol Distillery. Taste six distinct and flavorful whiskies from the quaint town of Pitlochry in Perthshire, where the Allt Dour burn still supplies the water for the process of making their world-renowned spirits.


Call our team of expert travel advisors at Accent on Travel at 888-806-2337 to reserve your place on the CIE Tours hosted journey across Ireland and Scotland in 2024. Our partnership with CIE Tours brings you unparalleled access to immersive and memorable experiences in your dream destinations. Let us handle all the details of your vacation to the Emerald Isle, the UK, and beyond in Europe for a truly unforgettable time.

Wake up somewhere wonderful with Accent on Travel in partnership with CIE Tours.




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