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Discover Japan: Top Travel Tips

Discover Japan: Top Travel Tips

Japan - Accent on Travel

A voyage to Japan is a voyage of discovery and wonder, providing an unforgettable experience where the old world and the new live side-by-side. There is no better way to get closer to the magical yet modern metropolis cities of Japan than with Oceania Cruises, giving you insight and inspiration, as well as access to all the best sights.

Travel in luxury and comfort aboard an Oceania Cruises ship to the amazing world of Japan, all part of their mesmerizing Asia cruise collection. It couldn’t be easier to reserve your place than with Accent on Travel either, thanks to our partnership and our team of expert travel advisors on hand to curate your dream cruise vacation.

Read on for our top travel tips when stopping off in Japan.


Experience the enchanting cherry blossoms

Beautiful Mountain Fuji and sakura cherry blossom in Japan spring season - Accent On Travel

Travel to Japan between late March and May to appreciate one of the simplest yet most elegant sights in the world. The cherry blossoms, better known as sakura, bloom only for a fleeting moment during spring, bringing with them color and a sense of history going back over a thousand years. Walk among the trees and feel spirited away as the delicate pink and white petals swirl around you in a gentle breeze.

Journey to Kyoto’s Maruyama Park for a spot of hanami (flower viewing) or visit Yoyogi Park in Tokyo where you can find the perfect picnic spot under the trees, all with snacks and buns you’ve picked up in one of the many FamilyMarts or Seven-Elevens along the way.


Pack the right shoes… and take them off

With so much to see and experience, you’ll want to make sure you have a sturdy pair of walking shoes for your journey. Walk out from the vibrant Harajuku district through the forest towards the Meiji-Jingu shrine and garden, or take a quick photo opportunity at the iconic Shibuya crossing.

Don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering any temples or homes, however, as this is a traditional sign of respect. Change into some comfortable toilet slippers for using the restroom in temples and hotels.


Travel at speed on the Shinkansen

Japanese Bullet Train - Accent On Travel

Get to your destination quickly and precisely on time with Japan’s famous Shinkansen, better known as the bullet train. Glide through cities and countryside using a JR Pass, allowing you to take in more iconic sights during your visit. 

Board the Tokyo Metro to explore the capital’s varied and diverse districts and you’ll find the same regularity and efficiency.


Bring cash for convenience

Indulge in retail therapy at some of Tokyo’s luxury designer stores in Ginza or stroll around Akihabara to sample the arcades and pop culture, just be sure to take the local currency in physical form. Despite their advanced technology, ATMs are scarce in Japan. To withdraw funds while there, your best chance is via a post office or convenience store.


Book attractions in advance 

Studio Ghibli Museum - Accent On Travel

Lose yourself in a game of baseball between the big rivals, the Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers, or spend a magical day at the Studio Ghibli museum where you can explore rooms themed on the movies and enjoy a meal at the Straw Hat Cafe there. Just be sure to book your attractions in advance to avoid disappointment as tickets for many must-see venues go on sale months before you’ll even set sail. 


No need to tip! 

Savor the authentic taste of ramen, sushi, tonkatsu curry, gyoza, and more during your stay but don’t be tempted to tip; it’s actually seen as a sign of disrespect to leave a tip in a restaurant in Japan. On the other hand, a small gift when you’re a guest at someone’s house is encouraged to help show your appreciation. 


Always dreamed of visiting this historic land for an awe-inspiring insight into Japanese culture? Allow our team of expert advisors at Accent on Travel to reserve your place on an Oceania Cruises voyage to Asia today by calling 888-806-2337. Our partnership with Oceania Cruises means you’ll travel in style, unlocking exclusive perks and benefits that allow you to make lifelong memories.

Wake up somewhere wonderful in Japan with Accent on Travel, in partnership with Oceania Cruises.




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