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Why Should a Panama Cruise Be On Your Bucket List?

Why Should a Panama Cruise Be On Your Bucket List?

Princes Panama Cruise - Accent on Travel

Widely agreed as one of the most impressive feats of human engineering, the Panama Canal represents a unique journey in Central America. When you travel with Princess Cruises, you’re rewarded with a tailored experience and luxury in every detail as you travel between oceans for a voyage of discovery.

Immerse yourself in this iconic journey and let our expert advisors at Accent on Travel curate all the details for the vacation of a lifetime. From the live narration that comes direct from the bridge as you cruise along the canal, to gentle strolls through the historic Panama City itself, we ensure an enriching itinerary for your vacation, right down to the amenities that will make for comfortable and relaxed cruising.


The history of the Panama Canal

The long history of the Panama Canal dates back to the region’s discovery by Europeans in the 1500s. Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, sent for a survey in 1534 to find out if the creation of a canal was achievable. It would turn out to be so, but not until much later when President Theodore Roosevelt would set the plan in motion. 

The canal was completed in August 1914, by which time Woodrow Wilson had taken the top role at the White House, but without Roosevelt’s spearheading – something he had spoken to congress about as far back as 1902 – it would never have been possible.

As you cruise through this epic creation, you’ll further appreciate how much of an undertaking this 50-mile canal was. Look out across the landscape that was once untamed and consider the monumental task of moving so much earth and water to create a canal, including the concept of lifting and lowering between the two ocean elevations.


The best months for a Panama Cruise

Board your Princess Cruises vessel and take the Panama Canal journey between December and March, the dry period, to get the most impressive views and weather. Temperatures hold year-round, rarely dipping below 75°F and hitting the high 80s, which means you can enjoy the warmth and humidity as you sail.

Want to know more about the prime time of the year for a Panama Canal cruise? Our experts will be happy to consult and discuss your plans for the ideal conditions for your itinerary.


Top 3 things to do on a Panama Cruise

With so much to see and do both along your journey and in the many Central American ports, take a look at three stunning Panama Cruise itinerary options thanks to Princess Cruises:

1) Picture yourself aboard the deluxe, 1938 dome car along the Panama Canal Railway. Once on board the luxurious, air-conditioned passenger cars, you’ll get a new perspective of the canal, Gatun Lake, and the dense rainforest from the large domed windows on the upper deck. Indulge in a drink at the bar and follow along with the informative commentary that covers both the history of the railroad and the wider region.


2) Pay a visit to the sleepy sloths in the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. Stop at the port of Limon and venture out down the coast to meet the fascinating, three-toed residents here – where they sleep up to 20 hours a day – and find out what’s behind their restful habits. Tour the sanctuary to find out more about conservation efforts to help protect the species, with insight from the caring team, before grabbing a quick photo with these cute mammals.


3) Take a one-hour boat cruise in Lake Gatun, where your guide will highlight the delicacy of the rainforest ecosystem and other sights. Then, disembark in the Cagras National Park and meet the Embera Indians, a tribe full of tradition and music, where you’ll find out all about how they maintain peace and harmony with the rainforest to this day in their warm and welcoming village. Purchase your own beautiful piece of Embera handicraft to take with you from one of their tabletop stalls.


Call our team of expert travel advisors at Accent on Travel at 888-806-2337 and reserve your place on a Panama cruise with Princess Cruises. Take a 10-16 night cruise thanks to our partnership with Princess Cruises and you’ll have access to an array of exclusive benefits, from credits to use while on board to complimentary upgrades. Our experts are here to customize your next cruise vacation to make it truly memorable.

Wake up somewhere wonderful in Central America with Accent on Travel, in partnership with Princess Cruises.




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