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What Is a Hosted Group Travel Experience?

What Is a Hosted Group Travel Experience?

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At Accent on Travel, we offer a wide range of hosted group tours and cruises every year. They’re one of the best ways to see the world and one of our favorite offerings because of the positive feedback we always get.

Right now, we’re taking reservations for our hosted group travel offers for 2023, but there is still room for two more guests on our Southern Gems Christmas Private Jet Journey in December 2022  — so call right away to avoid missing out!

If you’ve never experienced the ease of a hosted group vacation before, allow us to explain in more detail how you benefit…


What is a hosted group journey?

As the name suggests, a hosted group journey sees you traveling with a small group of like-minded companions from the Mid-Atlantic area with friends and family who may get invites from across the US. Each hosted journey, whether it be a cruise or a tour, has been customized to give you the best experience possible. All of our hosted journeys are led by either a full time travel professional to take care of any of the questions that might arise, or an expert in their field – i.e. a musician, chef, priest, or the likes to give insights or to entertain. Your entire itinerary is planned with care ahead, with touring, transportation, and accommodations taken care of so you can really be ‘on vacation’.

Accent on Travel has a variety of hosted group tours and hosted cruises for you. Each and every option enhancing the vacation experience you would typically have if you were traveling alone and managing all the details yourself. Our options for 2023 include:

  • Hosted African safaris
  • Antarctica expedition cruise
  • Cruises to Italy
  • Cruises to Greece
  • Thanksgiving European river cruise
  • And many more

As you’re escorted from point to point on your scheduled route, we’ll bring you closer to your destination with insider knowledge and access to benefits you might not otherwise experience if you were traveling by yourself.


Why is hosted group travel so great?

We’ve been providing hosted group travel for many years now, and with so many ways to benefit from this travel type, we wanted to share with you the things that make it special.

  • Stress-free travel – From the planning of activities to all of the documentation you’ll need, our hosted group tours take these time-consuming tasks off your hands. That means you can enjoy all that your destinations have to offer without any of the worry or stress. This allows you to fully relax and indulge yourself — precisely what a vacation is for!
  • Like-minded travelers – Whether you’re traveling by yourself, with a partner, or with a friend, our small hosted group tours mean you get to travel purely with other people who have a passion for the same destinations you’re visiting. Your shared interests and experiences could see you making new friends, adding another dimension to your journey.
  • Local expertise – One of the things you can rest assured of when traveling with an expert is that you’re getting the best possible insights into the region. You won’t have to wrestle with bulky travel books, since we’re armed with the knowledge of how to find the best food, drink, and unique sights to see.
  • No language barrier – If you have a dream destination in mind but feel intimidated by a potential language barrier, then you can put your mind at rest with a hosted tour. We’ll always assist and encourage you to try your hand at the local language, but can communicate in all the important conversations to take the onus off you when you don’t feel confident.
  • Perks and benefits – In the interest of maximizing your time and minimizing expense, we use all our previous experience and industry insight to deliver perks and benefits to elevate your vacation when you travel with us. This can include quicker access to attractions along with pre-negotiated discounts.
  • Safer travel – There’s no safer way to travel than as part of a hosted group. Not only do you have an expert guide who can steer you and advise you on safety in the areas you visit, but you’ll also have other members of your group who will undoubtedly look out for you (and vice versa).


You can find our upcoming hosted journeys on our dedicated page where you can also explore itineraries in more detail to find the vacation of a lifetime, all without having to spend your precious time planning and researching. Let us bring out the best in your vacation by guiding you on our hosted group tours.

Call us at 888-806-2337 today to speak to one of our group travel experts and book your place to avoid disappointment.

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