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Design A Group Trip

Our group travel department makes putting together and traveling on a group trip a real vacation for you!
  • Professional designing of travel itineraries
  • Cruise & travel component pricing negotiations
  • Itinerary & reservation management
  • Marketing & event support – online, in person, & print assets
  • Curated 'in destination' experiences based on your interests
  • Group Leader/Host support before & during travel
  • VIP services - Airport connections, baggage tracking, etc
  • Specially negotiated rates on reliable travel insurance

Family Groups

Memories of wonderful travel experiences remain fresh for years to come. When you share those travel experiences with your loved ones, it creates bonding memories for years to come.  The team of Accent on Travel understands how valuable those memories will be in the future and are experts in collaborating with you to create wonderful family vacation experiences.  

Accent on Travel Advisor: Lisa Whitmarsh

Incentive Groups

You are setting up your team to reach new heights with the tempting offer of a great travel experience at the end of reaching your goals. Let Accent on Travel be your right hand in organizing and managing your company’s next travel incentive.

Accent on Travel Advisor: Bryan Clement

Faith Base Groups

Walk in the footsteps of your faith as you collaborate with Accent on Travel to design this wonderful travel experience for you and your followers. For over 20 years, Accent on Travel’s group department has designed trips to the religious sites of the world and group cruise experiences around the world. Let Accent on Travel’s religious travel specialists be your guides to your group’s next spiritual journey.

Accent on Travel Advisor: Annette Nero Stellhorn

Club / Alumni / Association Groups

Whether it is to just have fun together or explore a destination of interest for your group, Accent on Travel’s Group Travel Department can make your trip offering a great success! We have access to golf courses, museums, and cultural venues to design the perfect land tour or customized cruise experience.

Accent on Travel Advisor: Sofia Hedman

Wine & Food Group Travel

Nothing is more fun than enjoying a destination’s wonderful food and wine with fellow connoisseurs. Accent on Travel’s connections will get you into wonderful restaurants and fabulous wineries / distilleries around the world. We can customize any cruise with foodie day tours, wine centric tours, or private onboard events.

Accent on Travel Advisor: Annette Nero Stellhorn

Wildlife Viewing Featured Travel

Being at the right place at the right time is crucial in trips focused on animal viewing. Accent on Travel’s animal watching experts consult with you on your group’s primary wildlife viewing goals, review what travel suppliers would be best suited to fit both your goals and your traveler’s budget and then we make it happen! Wildlife viewing lodges and ships tend to be small so we suggest starting the conversation at least 16 months prior to travel to avoid disappointment in availability.

Accent on Travel Advisor: Annette Nero Stellhorn

Girls Getaways

Want to give your ‘girls night out’ or fitness group a change of scenery? Accent on Travel can give you insight into the perfect venue and handle the travel plans for your getaway!

Accent on Travel Advisor: Kristen Smith

Ship Charters

Accent on Travel has the experience and connections to help take your group travel offerings to a different level. For radio hosts, music themed, or any other group size from 80 to 600 travelers.

Accent on Travel Advisor: Sofia Hedman

LGBTQ Friendly Group Trips

Accent on Travel experts are happy to provide the attention to safety and comfort to make you and your fellow travel companions feel like VIPS. Our LGBTQ Friendly portfolio includes luxury ocean & river cruises, customized touring itineraries, exclusive hotel properties, fun venues at various destinations, and delightful and interesting guides. Gay friendly travel options include joining our Accent on Travel hosted tours & cruises or any LGBTQ group trips we have organized for the community.

Accent on Travel Advisor: Sofia Hedman