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Luxury Travel To South America: Insider Guide

Luxury Travel To South America: Insider Guide

Cafe & Dancers in Buenos Aires - Accent On Travel

Containing a world of wonders, make South America your next cruise vacation destination for an enchanting experience filled with color, flavor, culture, and natural beauty. Oceania Cruises’ South American cruises are your ticket to an exotic array of cities and natural landscapes both familiar and unfamiliar.

With itineraries that bring you closer than ever to both the iconic sights as well as the hidden gems of South America, let our expert travel advisors make your dream vacation a reality, all in partnership with Oceania Cruises. Allow us to bring you all the wonders of this breathtaking continent via the luxury and comfort of small-ship cruises on a 10-218 day South American cruise tailored to you.


Take the captivating Evita Museum tour in Buenos Aires

Evita Museum, Buenos Aires - Accent On Travel


As you wander your way through the streets of Buenos Aires, lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants, enjoy the colorful and vibrant buildings inspired by French and Italian sensibilities, before visiting one of the most iconic landmarks: the Evita Museum. The mansion, owned by Argentina’s first lady, Eva Perón, is a shrine to an icon and legend from the country’s past. Tour the building to see historical pictures and items, along with prized belongings from her personal wardrobe, that made her a recognizable and beloved figure.

After your journey through Buenos Aires, why not sample some of the local wine from the region and watch some tango from local performers as you relax and unwind, enjoying the warm day and rich culture?


Sail by catamaran to the stunning San Valentin Glacier in Chile

Glacier and Mount San Valentin, Chile - Accent On Travel

Board your sleek and modern catamaran in Laguna San Rafael and sail through the icy blue waters. As you head out to meet the massive San Valentin Glacier, choose between sitting in the comfortable interior or the invigorating air out on the deck. In both spaces, you’ll gain spectacular views of the impressive ice floes and the calving blocks of the glacier that creeps down from the San Valentin Mountain in Laguna San Rafael National Park.

Seeking more adventures at sea in Chile? Visit the marble caves in Catedral de Marmol on the other side of Laguna San Rafael National Park. Or travel past the southernmost point in Chile, Cape Horn, to see dramatic coastlines at the edge of the world.


Walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru

Walking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru - Accent On Travel

As you walk the Inca Trail to the Lost City of Machu Picchu, not only will you enjoy breathtaking views of the mountainous landscape, but you will have the lasting memory of taking an ancient pilgrimage. Look around the UNESCO World Heritage Site that features an ancient citadel and abandoned ruins as you move among your group and the local llama population. 

For more ancient mystery that predates even the Incan society, travel south to the Nazca Desert where geoglyphs dating back thousands of years can be seen from the air or on the foothills. From here, you can also wander your way through the enchanting Pisco Valley, where you can discover how the local wines and brandies are made, sampling the phenomenal products to find your favorite.

Call our expert travel advisors at Accent on Travel today at 888-806-2337 and reserve your place on a luxury South American cruise with Oceania Cruises. We’ll design your whole vacation around the things you want to experience and the memories you wish to make. Thanks to our partnership with Oceania Cruises, you’ll have access to a variety of exclusive perks, benefits, and expert insight when it comes to all the hidden wonders of your chosen destinations.

Wake up somewhere wonderful in South America with Accent on Travel, in partnership with Oceania Cruises.




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