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Travel Experience: Prague to Budapest with Uniworld River Cruise

Travel Experience: Prague to Budapest with Uniworld River Cruise

Budapest city skyline and Danube river photo, Hungary - Accent on Travel

Traveling with friends from Delaware and further afield, Melissa Clink has sailed on both clipper ships and larger ocean cruises. Having used our services at Accent on Travel before, we wanted to find out about her experience on a recent Uniworld Boutique River Cruise that we arranged for her, so we sat down to discuss her thoughts about the seven-night cruise from Prague to Budapest.

What were the highlights of your cruise?

I liked the fact that you could see land on both sides. Many of my friends who aren’t used to going on ships might get freaked out about only seeing water, so it was a great thing for me to tell people that you can see land.

The convenience of getting into any port or town and getting off the boat and you’re right there was really nice. Again, it was good for people who might usually get seasick, as it was something they could go on with me.

Vltava river and Charles bridge in Prague - Accent on Travel

The ship itself was amazing, as were the staff on board. I liked the fact that it was smaller and didn’t have as many people on board as it felt less busy.

One of the important parts of any trip for me is that it’s all a highlight, because you don’t walk away thinking “that was a waste of a day” or something you could have skipped. It’s so well explained in the beginning by the team, so if I didn’t get off the ship, I’d know it wasn’t something I’d have been interested in. That allows me to have a day where people are off the ship and it’s even quieter. I haven’t been anywhere I wished I hadn’t.

How were the onboard facilities?

Uniworld luxury river cruises - Accent On Travel

Everything was delightful. I’m celiac, but food issues were not a problem at all. Every single day, every meal, the waiter would come and see me and walk me through the foods I could eat. And then they’d say “If you don’t see anything here you like, we can make you something special”, so that was nice, but there was always plenty of stuff for me to eat.

They also had nice little lounges, it’s not like the huge cruise ships because it’s smaller and you’re off the ship most days. I got off almost all the time, but then you come back at the end of the day, take a break, and have something to eat. In the evening we’d hang out, and when you have that many people together you hang out and talk about the things you did that day. It was very relaxing that way, it felt like you were sitting out in your living room.

Did you go on any excursions?

I went on pretty much all of them. In Vienna, we did a couple of really nice things. Accent on Travel put together a special package, and we went to the Lipizzan stables, where we learned about the horses there, and at that time of the year all the mares and babies were in the stables. There was also a special dinner in a renovated castle, specially catered for us, with people from the opera who came to sing, and there were dancers, too.

In the towns when they’re close to the calm water, everything seems graciously laid back. There’s lots to see and do but it’s very calming, you don’t feel like you’re in a rush. I loved the riverboat and I’d really like to go and see the Christmas markets.

Would you recommend this cruise to others?

Oh yes, absolutely. I’ve recommended it to lots of my friends already, especially those who prefer to be able to see land. I like both ocean and river cruises, but prefer the smaller ships as you can spend more time on land in less touristy areas. I’ll have to see how it compares again on my next trip.

How was your experience booking with Accent on Travel?

Annette and her husband were on the trip with us, but it was Sophia who was our advisor and she was great. It wasn’t my first time booking through Accent on Travel, as I had gone through them before when booking a trip to Greece.

Last year when working with Kristen to arrange a trip, I sat with her and we went over the whole thought process. Then I leave and she gets to work on it, then gets back to me in a week or so and says “Ok, here’s some ideas so far” and then we get an app with everything in it for the trip. If anything goes wrong, wherever we are, they’ll always be there too, and they see to any problems – but so far I haven’t had any!

Would you recommend booking with Accent on Travel?

Yes, absolutely. I like the team a lot, they’re really good as far as individualizing to people’s needs. It makes it feel like it’s your trip and not just the group’s trip, even if you’re going with other people.

I’ve used them for land travel too; they put together all my stuff, my airfare and accommodations and things. They have guidelines you don’t even think about, with recommendations because they have the knowledge I don’t. They’re putting a big Africa trip together for us and are very easy to work with that way.

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