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Top Things To See & Do on an Alaskan Cruise

Top Things To See & Do on an Alaskan Cruise

Princess Cruise in Alaska
Alaska is one of the most scenic destinations you could choose to take a cruise to. Setting sail in the comfort of the Princess fleet is one thing, but since a vacation to Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you’ll want to make the most of every second with their exclusive experiences. 

At Accent on Travel, we’re experts in customizing and planning truly unique vacations. We support you at every phase, before, during, and even after your vacation. And because we’re partners with Princess Cruises, we want to help you maximize your immersion in their Alaskan experience with a teasing selection of things you can do on Princess’s Alaskan Cruises.

Alaska is one of those destinations you want to do right the first time, so adding a three-to-seven day land tour to your cruise, called a cruisetour, is the ideal Alaska vacation — it’s absolutely worth it.’

Bryan Clement – Expert Travel Advisor at Accent on Travel.


Take a helicopter glacier tour

The glaciers in Alaska are surely one of the biggest draws, and nothing can compare to these awe-inspiring, landscape-defining monuments. For this reason, we recommend donning some glacier overboots and taking the helicopter and guided walk, bringing you up close and personal with Mendenhall Glacier. You’ll be able to see all aspects of the glacier, including the deep crevasses, ice spires, mesmerizing meltwater pools, and the stunning ice falls. It’s an unforgettable experience with sights that will take your breath away.


Catch your own dinner

As part of their North To Alaska program, you can take the opportunity to participate in one of the more indulgent activities on a Princess Cruise: catching your own dinner! The most authentic way to savor fresh Alaskan seafood is to catch your very own salmon or halibut for the specialist chefs on board your cruise to cook, ready for your next meal. It’s all guided by local experts, so you won’t be left to fend for yourself as you take up this authentic experience during your journey.


Meet an Alaskan lumberjack

One of your hosts on a Princess Cruises vacation to Alaska will be a genuine Alaskan lumberjack. Taking a break from their everyday lives, they come on board to show you what it’s like to live the adventurous lumberjack life through demonstrations. Meanwhile, a select, lucky few will get the chance to test their own axe-throwing skills in a competition.


Go on a kayaking adventure

Another way to fully appreciate the way that the waters have shaped Alaska is to go on a kayaking journey through its rivers and lakes. Choose the ‘Alpine Lake Kayak, Scenic Rail & Klondike Summit’ for a guided, gold-rush-inspired journey, or opt for the ‘Eagle Islands Sea Kayaking’ to learn more about the region and spot local wildlife in action, such as the jumping salmon and the majestic bald eagle.

All kayaking tours involve orientation to help ensure you have a tranquil journey alongside your guide.


Spot the ‘Big Five’ in Denali National Park

Largely untouched, with only a single park road, you can see the wild ‘Alaskan Big Five’ on a tour of the Denali National Park. Grizzly bears, moose, Dall sheep, caribou, and wolves can be glimpsed in their natural, diverse wilderness when you join hikes with the expert park rangers. It’s all made available to you with a shuttle service from the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge when you start adding adventures to your bucket list.


Let your expert travel advisor here at Accent on Travel take all of the details for your Princess Cruises vacation to Alaska. Whether you want to take the helicopter tour, hike through Denali National Park, or see the breathtaking scenery from your own private balcony on board, we make your entire vacation a seamless experience. We’ll make all the arrangements for the things you want to see and the locations you want to experience, with added amenities through our dedicated partnership with Princess Cruises, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Don’t forget to read more about what makes Princess Cruises so special in our recent post.

Here at Accent on Travel, we make sure you wake up somewhere wonderful when you take full advantage of our consultation and planning services. Call today and discuss your dream Alaska vacation with us and we’ll make it a reality.




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