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Top Vacation Destinations For 2024

Top Vacation Destinations For 2024

Don’t just imagine your dream vacation this year, make it a reality with Accent on Travel. Stroll through beautiful Mediterranean towns and villages, ride the Japanese bullet train, soak away your cares on some far-off beach cove, or stand in awe of some of the world’s greatest historical monuments. Whatever your idea of paradise may be, we can put it all right at your fingertips.

Through our partnerships with leading luxury cruise lines, including Cunard, Princess Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, along with our ever-popular hosted group tours, we can enrich your travel. Allow us to share with you five top, inspiring vacation destinations for 2024.


Walk ancient ruins in Greece

Greece - Accent On Travel

Wander through the ancient ruins in Athens, thought to be the birthplace of democracy, and learn more about Greek philosophy as you explore this cradle of civilization. From the Acropolis that looks out over the capital, to the Knossos in Crete, thought to be the site of Europe’s oldest city, you’ll find wonder and intrigue around every corner in this idyllic stretch of the crystal-blue Mediterranean


Indulge your taste buds in Italy

Enjoying wine in Italy - Accent On Travel

Join a hosted group tour with Paul Cullen to experience the varied and sensational Italian flavors. Discover what it takes to find genuine truffles as part of a professionally guided hunt and savor the best wines between Tuscany and Piedmont in the north of Italy. Fall in love with all the culinary delights – including cheeses and locally sourced salami – by day, and by night enjoy private dinners and live music events.


Snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef Australia - Accent On Travel
Stony Coral Colony and soldier fish Great Barrier Reef Australia

Dive beneath the ocean off the east coast of Queensland in Australia to see one of the world’s most stunning, natural wonders. Travel through the sparkling lagoon-like waters for a chance to snorkel among the reefs that play home to over 200 different fish species. Spot the bright parrotfish and dazzling anemone, but don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles drifting and swimming by the reef. It’s a magical experience that will leave you with a new-found appreciation for this delicate and beautiful ecosystem. Read more about our luxury Australian cruises in partnership with Princess Cruises.


Explore Japan’s temples and castles

Luxury vacations to Japan - Accent On Travel

Feel the long and storied history of Japan through the myriad of temples and castles that dot the countryside and cities. Hear the plank floors of the magnificent Nijo Castle in Kyoto chirp as you wind your way through the fortress that was built back in 1603. Journey to Taito City in Tokyo and walk through the Thunder Gate to find the Buddhist Senso-ji temple; built to honor the goddess of compassion, it is an extraordinary structure, thought to be Tokyo’s oldest temple still standing.


Experience the mystical monuments of Egypt

Luxury vacations to Egypt - Accent On Travel

Aside from the iconic pyramids and the ancient sphinx monument on the Giza Plateau, visit Egypt to examine the fabled Library of Alexandria, where the old has been reimagined into a new, bold, and modern feat of architectural design. Cross the Nile from Luxor and voyage to the tomb of Tutankhamun and Queen Hatshepsut’s giant temple, where you’ll see with your own eyes the captivating and mystical sites that make Egypt so compelling for visitors and archeologists alike.


Allow our expert travel advisors to curate the perfect vacation for you in 2024, from the wonders of the world to remote locations, we make sure it’s a journey you’ll always remember. Call us today at 888-806-2337 and let Accent on Travel reserve your place on your chosen cruise or group tour anywhere in the world.

Our partnerships mean you enjoy exclusive rates and unique experiences, ensuring you wake up somewhere wonderful on a luxury vacation this year.




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