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Why use Accent on Travel?

Vacations do not get a ‘redo’. We know you have options at your fingertips but why not connect with someone who is committed to making your next vacation, your best vacation ever?

Our team of professional travel advisors and cruise planners:

  • Understand how VIPs are treated and want the same experience for you.
  • Apply the highest level of expertise in the industry to your vacation planning.
  • ‘Know the people’ who ‘know the people’ to make things happen for you around the world.
  • Have a portfolio full of exclusive cruise offers, hotel amenity packages, and reputable travel providers to make sure your vacation dollar is wisely spent.

FAQs about using Accent on Travel as your travel planner:

How do I get started?
Easy! We want to hear from you! Give us a call or drop an email with your contact information. We can set up a time to connect so you can share with us what you want from your time away. Vacation experiences are as unique as you are, so we are excited to get to hear your thoughts, get to know your quirks, and start the planning stage!

When should I get started making plans?
This is also an easy one! During our initial discussion, we will narrow down your destination and your preferred style of travel. From there, we can let you know the best time to ‘get serious’ about planning. If you want to move forward with our advisors, we will set up a date well enough before the peak booking season to keep your best options open and reconnect then.

Do you charge for your planning, reservation, and management services?
Unlike using a travel agent for booking trips, you are hiring us as your advocate, trip planner, and vacation manager. You will start with one of our highly skilled staff who, we believe, will soon become known as your ‘friend in the travel business’. And we know, having a friend in any business, is worth its weight in gold. Please see our Menu of Professional Services for our current Professional Fees.

How Accent on Travel Advisors Work

Vacation experiences are unique - regardless of whether you are on a ship with 1000 other people or alone in the Sahara, what you experience and the memories you will take home will be unique. Our travel advisors work for you to make your unique experience the ‘best vacation ever’ each and every time.

When you contact us, be prepared to chat because we will ask you more than where you want to go and when. In order for you to have that ‘great experience’ we are going to gather enough information to understand your preferred style of travel, your goals for this particular trip, and be able to use our professional travel experience and knowledge to move forward in the consultation process and not just a shot in the dark at what will make you happy. You will work with one of Accent on Travel’s Travel Advisors who has the training and experience to plan and manage your trip from the 1st consultation to your return collaborating along the way. We are working on your behalf.