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At Accent on Travel, we’re always looking to expand our specialist team with a selective process designed to find people who have the right skills and drive. 

Our aim is to provide our clients with unforgettable vacations through exclusive connections alongside our knowledge of the industry and locations around the world. And that’s where you come into the picture. 


Why Work for us?


Wake up somewhere wonderful to work each day when you become a member of the Accent on Travel team. There are many benefits to joining one of the fastest-growing and biggest travel agencies in Delaware, including:

  • Funding for your continued industry-standard education, including access to the Signature Embark training program and professional certification.
  • Recognition of exemplary performance through promotions, pay raises, and a 90th workday bonus.
  • Great work-life balance, including 22 paid vacation days (inclusive of holidays, 2 weeks PTO, and your birthday!).
  • Annual team conferences, stipends for where you want to go, and access to discounts, all of which help you explore the world, with knowledge you can pass on to clients.
  • A subsidized medical insurance plan from your first day if you’re uninsured, because your health and well-being is a top priority to us.
  • Access to a 401(k) plan with matching contributions starting in your second year.


Learn from our experts with Signature Embark Program


We take your development seriously, which is why new team members get full access to the Signature Embark program. This is specifically designed to give new travel advisors with less than two years of experience the training to realize their potential fully. 

This fast-track program will help you succeed in sales, consulting, and professional fees, leveraging the tools and knowledge that Signature provides in marketing and technology.

Advance your career and take your first step in your travel advisor career with our team. You’ll learn from the best travel experts, with all the benefits that come from industry-leading coaching.

View our travel advisor jobs for Delaware and grow your career today.

Why work for us?

See our travel advisor testimonials below

Working at Accent on Travel is like you are working with your family. You are given the tools and resources to learn and flourish in your business and are lifted up to become among the best travel professionals in the business.

Kristen Smith

Accent on Travel is a well oiled machine.

The travel advisors at Accent on Travel have all the resources and connections at our disposal to help us be the best we can be.

It is a pleasure to work at Accent on Travel, our team is like family and our clients are our good friends!

Linda Ganakis

I am very proud to say I work with Annette and the entire staff of Accent on Travel for years. Their passion, professionalism and enthusiasm is contagious.

Mindy Aiken

Accent On Travel has been a dream job for me, I started fresh out of college. In the 7 years here I have gained fabulous relationships, built skills I didn’t even know I had, and grown both professionally and personally. I owe it all to the support I get from the Accent On Travel owners and team. The perks are great too, “traveling the world” isn’t in many job descriptions!

Sofia Hedman

One of the elements I like most about working at AOT is the supportive learning environment. My colleagues are always willing to share personal recommendations, insights, and teaching moments that make the learning and training process much easier. We are such a strong team made up of all of our combined skills and knowledge, that it helps provide great confidence in the work we provide.

Reilly Reeves


I live a comfortable lifestyle, have a wide circle of friends, and love to travel. More than half the time, I end up having others join me when I travel. Is there a way for me to do this and, for my efforts, travel for free?
Absolutely, Accent on Travel has many clients who put the word out that they are going on a trip, and friends, neighbors, and family jump on board. In the industry, it’s known as a ‘tour conductor’ and yes, cruises, tours, and resorts offer free accommodations based on the size of the group - some for as few as nine paying guests - no travel skills required. Accent on Travel does all the contracting on your behalf, provides you with the pricing, and manages all the funds, so you just have to get the word out. Go with the group as a ‘host’ to manage the details on the journey and travel for free! We would love to help you. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or using our contact form to share your thoughts or past experience with us!
I have been a travel agent (advisor) for years but would be very interested in joining your team for my own reasons. What can you tell me about your Independent Contractor (IC) Hosted Affiliation?
Some of our ICs have been with Accent on Travel for over 20 years and some have just recently come on board. What’s more, the story is that our IC’s don’t leave us until they retire from the business. You are welcome to join our continuing education training, use our connections with our preferred list of suppliers, take advantage of our higher level of earnings, and truly be a part of something fun. We may be casual in our approach, but we get down to business when it comes to maximizing your income and providing the best services to you and your clients. We would love to talk with you about what we might have in common and craft a customized compensation plan for you. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or using our contact form to tell us about you.
I have my own travel agency but would love to decrease my overhead, take advantage of higher earnings, and connect with colleagues who share my work ethic and skills. Do you host other travel agencies?
Accent on Travel first started creating custom solutions for hosting travel agencies over 15 years ago. We are always open to hearing your story and offering insight on the options we can provide. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or use the form on our contact page.

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