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Francine McHugh

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Francine's certifications

  • Certified Travel Specialist with Signature Travel
  • Travel Ambassador for Atlantis in the Bahamas
  • Certified Expert Travel Specialist for Hawaii and all of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Certified Autism Travel Professional, Listed in the national registry for Travel Professionals
  • Disney Earmarked Travel Specialist, Specialist in all things Disney
  • Paris France Specialist
  • Cruise Line Industry Certified (CLIA)
  • Certified Bahamas Travel Specialist
  • Certified Switzerland Travel Specialist


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Francine McHugh, Luxury Travel Advisor at Accent On Travel

My love for traveling started very young. I believe traveling is a huge part of your life’s adventures. I have a wonderful husband who is supportive of my career, encouraging of my dreams to see the world and most importantly the best travel partner. With most of our kids grown we have the freedom to take these travel adventures together. I believe travel is a part of your personal story. I have seen many beautiful, life changing places already, but there is a great big, beautiful world out there and I intend to see as much as I possibly can.

What do you love about travel?

As soon as I decide on a destination the research begins. I put together a daily plan of adventures and activities for each day of our trip. Although we return to some of our favorite places, each year we see somewhere new. I enjoy the parts of traveling that most people don’t, like packing, and flying because I know what reward awaits me. Travel enriches our lives; it is a huge part of life’s adventures. I find extreme excitement in seeing new places, new buildings, new restaurants, and new beaches each year. I walked into places like Sainte Chapelle in Paris and the Sistine Chapel in Rome and was overcome with emotion from the beauty I saw with my own eyes, not from picture in a book. I had dinner on a vineyard in Tuscany while sipping local wines. Nothing is better than a cappuccino in Florence or a limoncello on the beaches of Positano. I remember driving over the hills on St. John Virgin Island and the sight of the beach below me took my breath away, just as the snowcapped mountains in Colorado and Switzerland. There is nothing more enriching than travel. Travel becomes a part of your soul, who you are, and your life’s adventures. I want to give an experience to my clients not just a vacation.

What has been your favorite trip?

I have traveled to many places and for each place there are moments that are my favorite. If I had to narrow down a place that I will visit over and over again it will be Paris, the city of lights. I have been to Paris three times so far. I have loved each trip for different reasons.

The first time I went to Paris I was with my mom. Paris was my dream since I was a little girl. On my 40th birthday my dad surprised me with a trip to Paris. My dad made that dream come true for me, he passed away suddenly two years later.

By the third time in Paris, I knew the city better than my own hometown. I love everything about it, the food, the people, the museums, the churches and most important Berthillon ice cream, it is life changing. I feel like a Parisian as I walk through the tiny streets of Montmartre passing by the homes of Hemingway, Van Gogh, Picasso and many more. I enjoy sitting at cafes and speaking what little French I know ordering off of the menu or taking the train to Monet’s home in Giverny or The Palace of Versailles for the day. Every time I leave, a piece of my heart stays in Paris. Jaime Paris.

I believe traveling with special people in your life makes the experience even better. Each person I have traveled to a new place with became a part of my and their life’s adventures. My knowledge of certain places brings travel planning for clients to the next level. I have personal experiences to share with my clients which helps them with their next trip. The places I have not experienced yet, I will research and work with a destination specialist to gain the knowledge to direct my clients for the best travel experience for them.

Anyone can build a vacation, but I want to give you an adventure. I can help build something that will stay with you forever and will become a part of you. In your daily life a smell, a taste, or a feeling can trigger a memory and bring you right back to that restaurant along the canal in Venice, or the smell of the crisp cool air on that cruise to Alaska. These memories are yours forever and I want to give more of them to you and your loved ones. Let’s create a new life adventure today!!

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