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Top 10 Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Vacation Destinations

The world has so much to offer us when we travel, from local foods and cultures you can experience to those once-in-a-lifetime landscapes that enrich the soul with their natural beauty. Now that travel restrictions are easing in most areas of the world, we wanted to help inspire you by picking out some of our favorite destinations. Take a look at our list to help you decide on your next vacation destination or call our expert travel advisors if you want to know more.


Luxury vacations in Italy - Accent On Travel

Italy’s reputation is one of culinary delights and piquant drinks, something every Italian is proud of. But it also has a history that is like no other, with something to discover as you travel from town to town. It even boasts famous landmarks such as the Colosseum in Rome and the Grand Canal in Venice.

Whether you’re a formidable shopper looking to hit the designer stores in Milan or you want to experience the serene beauty of Lake Como, there is more than one way to experience one of the most visited countries in the world. Immerse yourself in Italian culture and join Rick & Annette’s hosted cruise in June 2023, which sets out from Rome’s cruise port of Civitavecchia with visits to Naples and Sicily before traveling to the Greek Isles and Turkey.

Traveling as part of a group gives you exclusive sightseeing opportunities and your own experienced group host on board to help you experience the best of each day. Making a difference – that’s why I love it!” — Host, Annette Stellhorn


White and blue buildings in Santorini, Greece - Accent on Travel

It’s hard to ignore Greece when putting together a list of key vacation destinations. From its ancient history and myths to the picture-perfect islands, every area has a story to tell. Athens itself is known as the ‘Cradle of Western Civilization’ by many, featuring museums and atmospheric temples that hold key insights into our past. Take in the wonder of recognizable landmarks such as the Acropolis, journey through the stone-lined streets of Mykonos, or bask in the dramatic views of the Mediterranean that Santorini has to offer.

Go where large cruises simply cannot take you and join Rick & Annette’s hosted small ship cruise in October 2022, which calls at Athens, Santorini, and Rhodes, among other destinations.


Luxury Vacations in Tanzania - Accent On Travel

Head to East Africa if you dream of adventure and some of the best natural landscapes in the world. Tanzania offers the opportunity of a lifetime, getting you close to the majesty of elephants in the Tarangire National Park and giving you the stunning plains of the Serengeti. It’s a dream location for anyone wishing to get closer to the wild terrains of Africa, from grasslands and swamps to the forests of baobab trees. Keep your eyes peeled for our hosted group vacations to Tanzania! Join Annette & Rick on their 8th visit to Africa on our 2023 African Safari departing October 2023. There is an optional pre-tour visit to Rwanda to go on a Gorilla Trek and a post-tour to see the magnificent Victoria Falls.

I love seeing guests’ faces when they see their most dreamt about wildlife viewing experience come true! It’s truly a trip of a lifetime.” — Host, Rick Stellhorn



Luxury vacations in Norway - Accent On Travel

Sail the beautiful Norwegian coastline for breathtaking views of its many fjords and glaciers or seek out the dazzling aurora borealis in the skies above. Norway is also popular thanks to its colorful Viking history and picturesque coastal towns and villages. Life here is geared towards a greener future and you’ll get a sense of this during your visit, from the fairytale-like forests that hug the hillsides to the all-electric vehicles in the cities. Accent on Travel’s Scandinavian specialist, Sofia Hedman, points out:

Norway has it all, vibrant city nightlife, fabulous historical sights, stunning scenery, friendly people, crisp clean air, and star-filled nights”.


Luxury vacations to Egypt - Accent On Travel

Some of the world’s greatest discoveries have been made in Egypt. “It’s a land of ancient archeological wonders that keeps Egypt on everyone’s wish list of destinations”, notes Kristen Smith of Accent on Travel. From the awe-inspiring sight of the Great Pyramids of Giza to the many treasures on display in the fabulous new Cairo Museum. You can choose to cruise down the Nile like a pharaoh, have us organize a private tour of the interior of the open pyramids, or take advantage of a Mediterranean cruise visiting Egypt’s ports of call in Alexandria.

United States

Luxury travel experiences in North America, Hunt Mesa - Accent On Travel

If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in America, then allow us to challenge that misconception. From bustling cities to explore in different states to the majestic national parks, rivers, and valleys, you can find something truly unique in every corner – or right at the heart – of any state. Experience the vibrant New Orleans nightlife or explore the National Petrified Forest in Arizona — there’s truly somewhere wonderful for you to wake up right here at home. Accent on Travel advisor, Bryan Clement, has the insider connections at National Park lodges, family-friendly resorts, or luxurious spa retreats to make staying close to home feel like you are worlds away from your daily life.


Luxury vacations in the French Polynesia - Accent On Travel

A slice of paradise in the Pacific, Tahiti presents a world of relaxation and discovery. Take the opportunity to soak in the crystal blue waters from your overwater bungalow on the coast or get a glimpse of the dramatic volcanic peaks that the island landscapes have to offer. Whether you want to daydream by the beach with a drink in hand or set off in search of mesmerizing waterfalls, there’s a reason Tahiti is on most lists as a dream vacation spot.

As one of the world’s most romantic destinations, Tahiti is a paradise for those celebrating a milestone whether it be a honeymoon, anniversary, or retirement” — Accent on Travel romance specialist, Lisa Whitmarsh


Luxury vacations to Japan - Accent On Travel

Step into the future with a visit to Japan’s tech-driven capital, Tokyo, or step into the past by visiting the shrines, castles, and palaces dotted throughout key cities and villages. You’re never far from fantastic cuisine either, with Kobe beef, sushi, sashimi, and okonomiyaki — every part of Japan has a regional delicacy for you to sample and savor.

My suggestion is to explore Japan’s fabulous gardens and history during the day, and immerse yourself in their traditional cultural and dining experiences in the evenings. That is the best of the best.” — Accent on Travel advisor, Reilly Scott


Luxury travel experience to Stonehenge, England - Accent On Travel

Some of the world’s most iconic attractions are set within the heart of London, England, so it’s little wonder that folks visit in their millions. But aside from the fantastic galleries and museums to wind your way through in London, England has humble green countryside and some diverse counties to explore, from the ultimate shopping experience in Birmingham to sleepy coastal coves down in Cornwall.

A small group guided tour of England or a custom curated tour just for you and your fellow travel companions is what I suggest” — luxury travel advisor, Kristen Smith


Luxury city stays in Sydney, Australia - Accent on Travel

Breathtaking natural beauty and the opportunity for adventure await you down under in Australia. You can focus your vacation around the iconic sights of Sydney Harbour and Melbourne to sample some of the city life or tackle the legendary Ayers Rock and the Outback if you want to venture into nature. It’s a land of open roads and shimmering, vibrant coral reefs which should definitely make it a contender for your next vacation.

With Australia being roughly ¾ the size of the US, our portfolio of Australian travel opportunities is vast enough to accommodate any of your ‘bucket list’ travel experiences in Australia” — travel advisor, Bryan Clement.

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